No terror target

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The Home Secretary Theresa May claims that an independent Scotland would suffer diminished security and intelligence against terrorism (your report, 30 ­October).

Given that claims require evidence, I would challenge Ms May to supply proof of that, for Whitehall does not have a very good track record of protecting Scotland.

Where was the intelligence when Pan Am 103 was bombed over Lockerbie?

Where was that intelligence before the abortive bombing of Glasgow Airport? Not only is Scotland not a major terrorist target, but history tells us how little.

In 2005, when the G8 summit took place at Gleneagles, and Scottish cities were packed with English police, terrorists did not bother to attack Scotland when it was full of world leaders. Instead they carried out the 7/7 bombings when London for once had let her guard down.

Not only is the Home Secretary scaremongering, her words were a slur upon the excellent work of our already devolved and hard-working police and judiciary.

Leslie John Thomson

Moredunvale Green