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As someone of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish descent,
married to a Scot, with a daughter living and working in
Edinburgh, a son in London, a home in the south of England and in Edinburgh and currently working for a Ph.D at Aberdeen University, I am immensely
saddened by the prospect of Scotland leaving the UK.

A significant number of UK citizens like me are of mixed heritage and proud to be so.

For hundreds of years Scots have helped shaped the UK, serving in government, the civil, diplomatic and armed services, medicine, academic life – the list goes on and on. We have far more in common than differences, a common language and culture.

My recent family roots are in Northumberland. My husband and I have dialect words among our vocabulary; many are
common from both sides of 
the Border, we cannot separate them out.

The north-east of England feels closer to southern Scotland than southern England and it is artificial to divide the Border region.

Independence will be a problem for many and why should Scots living outside
Scotland have no say in the

Scots say they do not want to ruled by an “English” Conservative Government – surprisingly, not all of England wants that!

I leave to go south tomorrow and I sincerely hope when I
return in October it will not be as a foreigner.

Anne Martin

Cumberland Street

Woodberry Close, 
Chiddingfold, Surrey