No fear at all

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Joyce McMillan is quite wrong when she states in her extraordinarily bitter article (Your report, 20 September), that it is easy to read the referendum result as “a triumph of fear…over elementary common sense”. She is also quite wrong when she arrogantly dismisses No voters as “silent and disengaged”.

On the contrary, we looked long and hard at Mr Salmond and his promises of a more 
“socially just” society, funded by an endless flow of oil money and goodwill from the neighbours that we’d just done our best to estrange.

But we found the facts wanting, discovering instead a reality where “elementary common sense” was substituted by an empty hype delivered by a blustering conman. Far from being a triumph of fear over common sense, the result delivered by the silent majority was a triumph of common sense over no sense 
at all.

Peter Tucker

Wilton Road


What an insult to the Scottish people by Joyce McMillan to state that the referendum result leaves Scotland on its knees. Scots have made their views known. They may not coincide with Joyce McMillan’s views but the electorate has reached its conclusion, and Scots of whatever opinion will continue to make sure that their voices are heard and are effective.

Norman Bonney

Palmerston Place