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The Rev MacPherson of Somerset states (Letters, 3 May) that he lived in Quebec and was born in Devon. He claims to love Scotland and “a break” would tear him apart. I love Devon and Germany. I can get to Germany just as easily as I can get to Devon at present. “A break” will not lengthen the distance from Scotland, no Berlin Mauer will appear, nor will ditches and minefields. If Mr Macpherson loves Scotland so much, it is strange that he chooses not to live here.

Right next door from Devon we have John Doble lecturing us on Rabbie Burns. He, who is next door to an ancient nation rising (the people of Kernow), gives us the usual dross about “the most successful Union the world has ever seen”. We keep hearing this phrase, but we never see it backed up.

Thomas R Burgess

St Catherine’s Square