New dark age

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EUROPEAN Union zealots are proposing to outlaw halogen light bulbs by 2016 and replace them with LED lights, which they say will save energy.

But LEDs are very expensive and do not work with dimmer switches and certain electrical wiring systems.

Replacing halogen bulbs will cost the average household £300 plus electrical wiring changes.

Highly paid officials in Brussels justify their existence by claiming they are “saving the planet”.

The EU has already banned incandescent bulbs and high wattage hairdryers, lawnmowers, smartphones, kettles and vacuum cleaners, claiming this will reduce the use of electricity.

In fairness, the Eurocrats may be belatedly realising that with the closure of coal plants, gas plants and even nuclear that there will be far less electricity available and that unreliable wind turbines will never keep the lights on.

My garage is already stocked with “banned” bulbs and halogen ones will soon be added.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian