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A notion abounds that First Minister-in waiting, Nicola Sturgeon, is principally obliged to recognise the statistics of the referendum and proceed to lead Scotland’s devolved parliament accordingly.

The “accordingly” in this notional instance is that she must represent all the electorate and, because the referendum showed a majority favouring remaining in the Union, her leadership must proceed “accordingly”.

Not content with thwarting the reclamation of an ancient nation’s self-rule, No-sayers are attempting to kidnap the next leader of Scotland’s self-rule party.

Their letters in The Scotsman and the comments of their spokespersons from the mainstream parties are demanding rather than suggesting that the incoming First Minister serve their No cause foremost.

This is a far-fetched notion that somehow elevates the referendum beyond its relatively modest remit.

The poll on 18 September wasn’t to replace the leader of Holyrood’s majority party with a leader of the referendum ­majority interest.

I suggest one effect of the ­referendum has been to confuse a number of No-sayers.

Their attempts to scatter this confusion over everyone else, ­including Yes-sayers, never mind Scotland’s First Minister-to-be, and leader of the largest party in Holyrood, must surely prove 

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive