Nationalist myth

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Gerry Hassan (Perspective, 10 August) misses out one small but relevant detail. There exists already a nationalist party for the whole of the UK – the BNP.

Unionists are not nationalists. Unionists care about the maintenance and development of the country’s multi-interwoven links for the sake of all. Many imbalances exist of course, but what society can say it has none?

Historically, nationalist parties do not have a good track record, to say the least. The SNP’s record shows it as not being a political party in the conventional sense, having swung from right wing in the 70s to left wing in the 80s and centre in the present period, happily receiving backing from right wing magnates while promising economic advantages to both left and right in the pursuit of power.

Behind the facade of being progressive democrats hides the true nature of the SNP: purveyors of the mystic appeal of “freedom” and the glory of being independent. Neither does the SNP really seem to care about the practical consequences of independence, fudging crucial questions on the economy, European Union membership, the pound and a host of other issues central to our everyday lives.

Heaven forfend that nationalist fudgers and dodgers will rules our lives, yet this is the awful scenario that could come about if we as voters decide to turn our backs on the stability and growth as a nation that has been ours for hundreds of years and allow ourselves to be swayed by Alex Salmond’s everyman bonhomie, misleading emphasis on the comfort of myths, romanticised legend, grievances of the type that feeds nationalism, electoral manipulation and oil. Worse still, there’s no return from a Yes vote.

A J Morison

Barntongate Drive