Nationalist blow

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IT SEEMS that the SNP is objecting to the balance of the panel on the BBC’s Question Time from Edinburgh last week, especially because neither George Galloway’s nor Nigel Farage’s parties have any representation in Scotland. Equally, as neither lives in Scotland, the SNP seems to regard this as unacceptable .

It is interesting that the SNP, as a party with no representation south of the Border, has never objected to appearing on Question Time programmes held in England.

Was this objection due to the pasting dished out by Mr Galloway against Nationalist attempts to dictate who should and who should not have a say in what happens in Scotland? Indeed, as he was speaking, Angus Robertson’s face would not have been mistaken for a ray of sunshine.

We definitely need more appearances on TV by Mr Robertson and Lesley Riddoch to help the Better Together campaign. They’re both stars.