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Selfridges’ provision of a silent room may be considered to be a step in the right direction and, indeed, recognises the need to escape from their unwanted and noisy music (Perspective, 22 February).

However, I go into shops to view their merchandise, not to sit in a room that provides the only relief from their otherwise ubiquitous noise.

Selfridges inflicts intrusively loud music on its customers at its London store and this has long discouraged me from shopping there. I like to be able to think about what I am buying without this undesirable audio distraction. If Selfridges cannot be persuaded to turn off this unsolicited noise, then perhaps it could at least reduce the volume to a minimal level.

MB Jenkinson

Gloucester Terrace


How ridiculous! If Selfridges recognises the value of giving customers a bit of peace in part of its shop, then why not go the whole hog and turn off the muzak that bombards shoppers? John Lewis and Wetherspoons seem to be doing all right If Lori Anderson hates peace and quiet, then she has the option of always having her iPod stuck in her ears and her personal choice of music.

Sharon Duncan

Arden Street