Mothers’ role

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True to form, the SNP’s latest childcare policies are geared to help employed mothers – at the expense of families where the mother prioritises bringing up children over her career.

We live in the midst of a grand social engineering project designed to encourage mothers to value their career and earning potential more highly than devoting themselves solely to their children in their early years.

From a strange feminist perspective, earning money and pursuing a career is celebrated as fulfilling one’s potential, while full-time motherhood is regarded as a demeaning concession to our insidious patriarchal society.

Unenlightened women preferring to be at home with their young children impede their careers and, therefore, contribute to the gender “inequality” in pay.

Everyone knows that “inequalities” are bad, so the government must try to entice mothers to go to work more and be full-time mums less.

So narrow is the Scottish political spectrum that this philosophy passes almost without comment.

Richard Lucas


Colinton, Edinburgh