Mortonhall faults

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Steuart Campbell (Letters, 13 March) is right to criticise the facilities at Mortonhall Crematorium (13 March). However, the entire design of the sanctuary is not fit for purpose. It is dark, dull, dingy and sepulchral.

It is emotionally enervating and spiritually depressing. Only the City of Edinburgh would tolerate such an inappropriate building for so long.

It is an example of Sir Basil Spence’s soulless mid-1960s architecture. The council should radically upgrade the whole building. Natural light is the key to any possible improvement.

Mortonhall has its brighter moments though. Once, before conducting a service there I instructed the attendant not to play any CD exit music until I had reached the vestry.

I had scarcely completed the second syllable of “Amen” when he promptly pushed the button and I made an uncomfortable crossing of the sanctuary to Jimmy Durante singing Make Someone Happy.

(Rev Dr) Robert 

Blackburn & Seafield Church


A few years ago I contacted Morton Hall authorities about the state of the sanitation in the waiting rooms and was assured improvements were in hand. On a recent visit, I found conditions to be just the same. Surely with modern equipment and cleansing materials a big improvement can be made.

Liz MacColl

Victoria Road

North Berwick