More to same-sex marriage than saying ‘I do’

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I HAVE watched with increasing dismay and alarm the insidious, heavily biased media reporting in favour of the promotion of “same-sex marriage”. Just who is running the media these days?

Mostly, the reports were narrowly confined to why can’t same-sex couples be married if they love one another?

No serious discussion of the impact of same-sex marriage legislation on children, families, individuals in the workplace, voluntary organisations or career prospects or indeed on our democratic process.

No serious discussion of the fact that if marriage is redefined then it will be this new definition which will be taught to very young primary age children in schools since teaching about marriage is mandatory within the curriculum.

No serious discussion of the fact that parents will not be able to withdraw their ­children from such lessons if they deem them unsuitable. In effect, parental rights will be undermined.

No serious discussion on the threat of this legislation to freedom of speech.

No serious discussion of the threat to employees in the public sector who for reasons of conscience or religious ­belief would not wish to teach or promote same-sex marriage.

It takes a very powerful lobby group indeed to slant so much media coverage in favour of “same-sex marriage” to the extent that it has been slanted.

Rose P Docherty, Glasgow