More questions than answers over Sturgeon’s ‘meet young voters’ plans

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ALLAN Sutherland and Martin Redfern are not alone in feeling a degree of disquiet about Nicola Sturgeon’s proposed “Ask the First Minister” event next Monday (Letters, 17 March).

History has shown us how easy it is to manipulate young people for political purposes, especially when they are exposed to a unilateral version of reality.

In the interests of political balance any question and answer event for young people should be a multi-party affair, rather than providing a platform for one party. In fact, any politically minded 16 or 17 year old is perfectly capable of making an independent decision to attend a public meeting if he or she so wishes, without having to be specially selected.

Asking directors of education and head teachers to promote this event suggests a degree of political coercion, an unspoken assumption that they must agree in both principle and practice to the Q and A session, and be willing to select pupils to attend. I would be interested to know if there is an opt-out option.

Carolyn Taylor

Gagiebank, Wellbank, Broughty Ferry

Douglas Turner ( Letters 17 March ) rushes to defend the SNP’s chronic economic position, and argues the case for independence, by listing some amazing figures that actually tell us nothing,

Let me offer some more wonderful figures : the national debt of the United States is $21.7 trillion, the Chinese figure is around $ 5.3 trillion, and the French run a deficit of $2.1 trillion.

All are independent countries, so, to follow Mr Turner’s simplistic contention, Scotland could be independent. It would be broke, but it would be independent.

Far more relevant to the sort of independent nation we would be, are the issues surrounding the absolute failure of the SNP “flagship” proposal to increase free nursery care, or the utterly despicable move by the First Minister, to “invite” a group of newly enfranchised 16 and 17 year olds to a propagandist rally, sorry, I mean a question and answer session.

Can some people not see what sort of a nation is being created by the Nationalists? It is not just a question of numbers, which they brazenly deny, but an all embracing assumption of control, based on “What we say is right, even if it is wrong”.

Wake up.

Hamish Alldridge

Pittenweem, Fife