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United Nations Climate Change conferences started in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 followed by Kyoto 1997, Bali in 2007, Copenhagen in 2009, Cancun in 2010, Doha in 2012 and Lima in 2014.

They achieved nothing.

All 194 nations have been asked to submit pledges for the reductions they will make in emissions – known as “intended nationally determined contributions” – ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Paris in December.

However, China, with 23.4 per cent of global emissions, and India have refused to “pledge” until after 2030.

Note the word “pledge”, which has no legal repercussions should a country fail to honour their pledge.

Britain and Scotland were the only ones out of 194 countries stupid enough to pass the legally binding Climate Change Act 
in 2008 burdening taxpayers with a spend of £734 billion over 40 years to “decarbonise” the economy.

How many extra hospital staff, teachers, police and front-line services would this have paid for?

The Paris conference will 
be yet another political fudge with little achieved except 
conference hot air and agreement to meet for further 
expensive, CO2-creating meetings in exotic locations and five-star hotels, all funded by sceptical taxpayers.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road