Moral appeal

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Bill Jamieson (Perspective, 20 August) eloquently demonstrates the real reason why Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign is gaining ground: because his ideas are the logical conclusion of the fallacies that dominate the political spectrum today.

All major parties are united
in the belief that the state must tax and regulate the economy, while intervening to help 
the politically favoured at the expense of the economy as a whole.

According to the consensus, failed banks must be rewarded and the currency must be 
inflated while hiding behind the metaphorical fig leaf of “quantitave easing” by a central bank, an institution that is, by definition, Marxist.

Today’s political leaders have already conceded that Corbyn is morally correct and are struggling to oppose him for that reason, despite the obvious fact that his proposed policies are a recipe for economic and currency collapse.

Bruce Crichton

Victoria Road