Misplaced plan

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I DISLIKE intensely Brian Wilson’s bilious approach to any discussion on Scottish independence, despite his passionate support of independence for any and every other country in the world. I therefore tend to avoid commenting on his regular columns, but he quotes a noted economist in his piece (Perspective, 9 August), which merits further comment. The economist in question, Ronald MacDonald, referring to the SNP’s insistence on a currency union in the event of a Yes vote, is quoted as saying, “it was their biggest mistake of all” and “will be their ultimate undoing”.

Mr MacDonald is far from being the only economist who has voiced that opinion, one which I share. After the atrocious debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling last week, if Scots vote No on 18 September, the person to blame will be Alex Salmond and his obsession with a currency union.

Opinion is supposed to be divided about who “won”, Salmond or Darling, but there is absolutely no doubt about who lost – the people of Scotland and the cause of independence. Since the debate, Salmond’s arguments in favour of a currency union and his attempts at damage limitation, have been even more ludicrous.

Instead of hammering at Salmond to “give us your Plan B”, Darling should simply have asked: “How does giving direct control of Scottish interest rates, borrowing powers, and therefore indirectly, fiscal powers, to London and the Bank of England, make Scotland independent?”

Jim Fairlie

Heathcote Road

Crieff, Perthshire