McLeish should step off the fence

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HENRY McLeish insists that he “backs the Union” and will vote No (Insight, 13 October) but it is clear that he would be happy with a union so loose that Scotland will be independent in all but name, in fact he obviously prefers it. Many Scots would choose that too, but are not being offered that option in September next year. For all those people, recognising that dysfunctional, London-centric Britain will always put Scotland last, voting Yes is the only way forward.

No-one seriously disagrees that Scotland can be an independent nation. We have the assets – natural and human – to aspire to the quality of life of the Scandinavian countries Mr McLeish admires so much. He is correct, mind you, to opine that a narrow Yes defeat will mean that independence will remain on the agenda and is, indeed, inevitable.

Henry is becoming tiresome. Until he comes off the fence and decides to “put up” by 
urging disillusioned Labour supporters – like him, ashamed that “the party of Keir Hardie and Jimmy Reid” has betrayed real home rule – to strive for a socially just society in an 
independent Scotland, he should consider the alternative for a wee while.

David Roche, Scone