Marriage split

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Your coverage (5 February) of the huge tensions within the Conservative Party in England and Wales over same-sex 
“marriage” is assuredly an indication of what might be yet to come here in Scotland.

The issue is in considerable part generational, with many in the older generation feeling, like myself, that our deepest core 
beliefs and values are being 
assaulted by a generation of 
politicians who are not only philosophical illiterates but who lack both common sense and political judgment.

There is, of course, an 
additional dimension in Scotland in that the government here is pursuing a Yes vote in its referendum next year.

To pursue a highly divisive issue at a time when a maximum level of national unity is required would be an error of judgment of Olympian proportions.

The Scottish Government can either have independence or it can have same-sex “marriage”. It cannot have both.

Alan Clayton

Letters Way

Strachur, Argyll

Being gay is not a moral decision. Leviticus is not a modern document.

Denying people the right to be accepted is not a humane attitude.

In a largely secular society, backing gay marriage is moral, modern and decent.

Peter Laidlaw

Bramdean Rise