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For many years St John’s Episcopal Church has exploited its prominent position on Scotland’s most famous street to display large murals promoting its liberal left-wing agenda, with scant 
reference to the truths of the Christian faith.

The latest piece of propaganda to confront passers-by on Princes Street depicts Nigel Farage as an “evolution” of Hitler.

Anyone engaging in public discourse has a duty to refrain from excessive rhetoric and resist the temptation to demonise opponents. St John’s fails in these 

Do they really think that an immigration policy akin to Canada’s is as evil as the holocaust? Is Ukip’s desire to leave the EU comparable to the Night of the Long Knives? Does scrapping the HS2 project rank alongside causing a worldwide conflict costing millions of lives?

In claiming an association 
between Farage and Hitler, St John’s Church is guilty of hate-mongering.

Personally, I prefer to discuss the views of others in open debate, pointing out where I think they are misguided, but always accepting that well-meaning and intelligent people can come to different conclusions than I do.

Should St John’s wish to enter into respectful public debate instead of offensive and intemperate mudslinging, I, as a Christian and a Ukip member, would be happy to oblige.

Richard Lucas