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Beware Pete Martin when he begins yet another marketing anecdote with: “When I was a young adman…” (How the Scots Lost Scotch, 7 February).

I’m no spring chicken myself, but if I was writing an advertising and marketing piece for The Scotsman, I’d try to get my facts right. Far from being “created outwith Scotland by London agency BMP”, the Tennent’s Lager TV ad using the Dougie MacLean song Caledonia was written right here in Scotland by a writer at the Leith Agency (me).

As for Irn-Bru not tapping into the Scottish psyche in its ads, our last Irn-Bru TV commercial was all about a baby whose mum had given it a name that means both “front bottom” and “idiot” – but only in Scotland.

It’s had nearly two million hits on YouTube, and for a fortnight it was officially the second most viewed video clip in the world.

Gerry Farrell

Cables Wynd