Lunar ticks

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It IS remarkable the progress we have made in obtaining energy from renewable sources – the Sun, wind, water, the tides, geothermal energy from the Earth and so on. However, there is one glaring omission – the Moon. Despite the fact that it orbits our planet shining down on us from above, no attempt has been made to harvest the energy in moonlight.

The same physical principles are involved in creating electricity from moonlight as from sunlight. With suitable subsidies, I am sure manufacturers of solar panels would happily develop lunar panels. A great advantage of moonlight is that we can harvest it at night when it is cold and sunlight is, for obvious reasons, unavailable. Another is the complete predictability of the appearance of the Moon, unlike the wind, which varies erratically.

If we start now, Scotland could become the world leader in lunar panels. Just think how our First Minister would proudly tell the world of Scotland’s zero-carbon achievements. Finally, Scotland’s renewable energy industry would be able to openly boast: “We make money from moonshine.”

George Inglis

Inveralmond Grove