Low productivity

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low productivity is often referred to as Britain’s Achilles heel. This, apparently, is a recent 
phenomenon, as is the ubiquitous mobile phone that come with internet access. Is there a connection?

I can’t be the only person who suffers from the worker’s “phone glued to the ear” 

You will have experienced it too, with your plumber, roofer, electrician or builder spending a great deal of their time, that you are paying for, on the mobile phone calling 
and taking calls or accessing the internet.

No doubt some of the calls are business-related but when they’re on my job I want their undivided attention.

And if it happens with jobbing contractors so it will be for the entire business world and the bigger the organisation the greater the detrimental effect from staff making personal enquiries on the internet, making and taking personal calls when they should be working. This may be the primary cause of Britain’s low level of efficiency.

If the authorities claim that using the phone while driving is distracting, clearly that same conclusion applies while carrying out any other activity at work.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerson Place