Loads of money

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It is hard to get to grips with the SNP Holyrood’s strands.

Fair enough to continue to highlight reducing inequality, but where is the programme for it? Whence cometh the funding?

Not a mention again of developing the needed early-years national pre-school development programme, a sure way to ease differences in family circumstances. There is clearly plenty of money in Holyrood’s pocket, despite cries that Westminster’s ongoing austerity cutbacks are imposing restrictions on Scotland too.

There seems to be no difficulty in finding £100 million to tackle the NHS care shortage. Using this money to fund homecare, for example, would clear the way to minimise “bed-blocking” by long-term hospital patients and enhance A&E treatment-time targets.

Money seems likely to be available to help in the current oil industry downturn.

Why is there no acknowledgment that money flows apparently freely, perhaps even enough to be able to get needy folk off the food-bank trail as well.

Having a good whinge may be good stress relief, but in reality Scotland’s citizens have been spared some austerity excesses, and this should be given due weight at Holyrood.

Joe Darby


Dingwall, Ross-shire