Liberal facade

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With reference to Jim Fairlie’s letter (13 March), many of us are mystified as to why Alex ­Salmond is so determined to impose a sterling zone on an independent Scotland.

Colin Hamilton (Letters, 14 March) gives us the most likely explanation but may I suggest another?

He is confirming the suspicion that he is more of a neo-liberal than the façade of social democracy would suggest.

Certainly making Scotland the junior partner in an arrangement dominated by a remainder of the UK determined to enhance the role of the private sector is one way of keeping Scotland on-message.

It may be that I do him an injustice, in which case doubt is cast on his widely proclaimed political acumen.

However, we should recognise that what was always really required to convince the waverers among us to take the momentous step into the relatively unknown of independence was a statesman or woman of stature rather than a pair of sharp political operators.

We need a greater vision than one based on less expensive overseas holidays and the promise of each one of us being £600 a year better off.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive