Letters: Swap hospital junk food for fruit and vegetables

Those present at the British Medical Association conference in Edinburgh heard calls to ban junk food from hospitals. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Those present at the British Medical Association conference in Edinburgh heard calls to ban junk food from hospitals. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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Edinburgh Community Food fully supports the call from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the British Medical Association for a ban on junk food in hospitals (News, June 27).

The full ACRM report is an eminently sensible and thoughtful set of recommendations and includes many other measures, such as: boosting funding for weight management programmes, increasing support for new parents, restricting junk food advertising aimed at children and taxing high sugar drinks.

The report says: “Just as the challenge of persuading society that the deeply embedded habit of smoking was against its better interests, changing how we eat and exercise is now a matter of necessity.”

The good news for Edinburgh is that Edinburgh Community Food runs fruit and vegetable stalls in the Royal Infirmary, the Royal Edinburgh and the Western General hospitals. Staff, patients and visitors can all access healthy and fresh fruit and veg at affordable prices and – at the same time – help support our cooking and nutrition work in Edinburgh’s less well-off areas.

Christopher Mantle, food and health development worker, Edinburgh Community Food, Tennant Street, Edinburgh

Cutbacks are not the answer, Chancellor

YET again the train-wreck Chancellor that is George Osborne gives us another budget of cuts, cuts, cuts.

Mr Osborne is never going to realise that cuts cause job losses which puts people on benefits.

This means less money in tax, which means it takes longer to pay off the national debt.

On the other hand, investment creates jobs, which means more people are in work.

This means more tax is paid, which means the national debt is paid off quicker.

George Osborne’s policies are a complete train wreck.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar

Question raised over ash probe

Many Lothians residents will have had sympathy thus far with the parents affected by the babies’ ashes scandal, first associated with Mortonhall Crematorium.

However, readers may also feel that the review by Lady Angiolini QC and the commission under Lord Bonomy, retired but still active judge, are a rightly sympathetic response by the Scottish Government to the parents’ concerns.

When some readers note that spokespersons for the parents’ group are still demanding a judicial inquiry (which some neutral observers think might run for a year or longer and, some might argue, profit the legal profession rather than necessarily provide timeous answers to the issues raised), they may well wonder whether the continuing demand for a judicial inquiry is by now unjustified.

Angus Logan, York Road, North Berwick

Sunshine is benefit enough for expats

I WAS interested in David Fiddimore’s letter “We should say never again to the Tories” (News, June 27).

Of course the Government is being forced to make further cuts – the UK is still in a financial mess!

As a result, I quite agree with them, that expats living in Spain, Portugal and Greece shouldn’t receive the Winter Fuel Allowance.

Why do they need this benefit, when they are sitting sipping wine at their pool, while everyone in the UK shivers in the wind rain and snow?

There are apparently 150,000 people who live abroad and claim this benefit. That surely is unfair and should stop.

Also with many people in the private sector seeing large numbers of staff in their workplace losing their jobs as employers try to reduce costs, why should taxpayers pay for large numbers of civil servants keeping their jobs, when some departments are clearly overstaffed?

Recently those on the “Labour side” in Westminster have hinted that “if” they get back in power at the next election, they will carry on with much of the same policies. Let’s not forget, it was Labour who oversaw much of the mess this country is now in, by spending money they didn’t have and allowing banks to get up to all number of ‘dodgy’ deals.

The only further thing I would like to see cut is overseas aid.

It seems that much of the UK money given to India is going to fund their space project. Surely we should insist it goes to the people in forms of food aid and help with jobs and housing. We would probably be told to mind our own business.

Anyway, until we know what Alex Salmond’s intentions are, any vote for independence like buying a pig in a poke.

We could end up so much worse off than we are now.

Alun Thomas, Sinclair Close, Edinburgh

Battle for trenches has ended in victory

IT’S brilliant that Edinburgh’s First World War trenches have been saved after an Evening News campaign (News, June 25).

Restoration work is now to be carried out at the network of trenches at Dreghorn Woods, Colinton, which were used as a training ground for troops.

Also, information boards will be installed so that visitors, walkers and school parties can learn more about the history of the trenches.

The saving of the trenches comes as a result of an agreement between developers, the Army and the city council. This is grand news indeed and all thanks and praises to the Evening News campaign for making this possible.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh