Letters: Right royal error

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PETER Jones’ article, “And who will represent the Queen?” (Perspective, 10 April) omits to mention one important possible scenario: that in the event of independence, Scotland’s head of state, the Queen of Scots, might choose to be represented in London by a Governor-General.

John Cooke

Kinghorn Place


With the Queen due to visit Edinburgh during her Diamond Jubilee year, how will Scots square with their conscience if they are expected to sing a national anthem that contains the invidious line, “And those rebellions Scots we will crush.”

I know a number of people who, over the years, have written to Downing Street asking to have that line removed.

Each received a negative reply.

It’s puzzling – to say the least – as to why anyone would insist that this line remains.

Why on earth does the Scottish Government meekly accept this affront to Scotland?

Frankly, if such an insult is not erased, then the “national” anthem itself should be removed.

So much for the so-called “equal and honourable partnership” enshrined in the Union of the Crowns.


Glen Drive