Letters: Parking chaos at airport is enough to drive you crazy

Where to park is confusing for some drivers
Where to park is confusing for some drivers
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I AM writing to complain about the confusing parking signs at Edinburgh Airport. BAA put them up and, in my opinion, completely messed up.

As one approaches the main parking area nearest to the terminal there are two options signed: one is for the drop-off point and the other is for the fast-track services. Many people are looking to park in a short-stay car park but such facilities are inadequately signposted.

Many friends and colleagues have expressed similar confusion and frustration when going to collect business partners arriving from abroad. It simply is not good enough for a major business utility.

People wish to park in the short-stay car park near the terminal to pick up colleagues. I really think more should be done to help them have a positive experience rather than prompting them to pay £1 because they have accidentally wound up in the drop-off zone, or suffering the confusion of ending up in the fast-track car park (which can be used as short-stay but there is no way of knowing this).

Just tell people how to get to the short-stay car park and give them the other options, too.

James Bell, Edinburgh

No right to block plans for cinema

I AM shocked at the audacity of Ocean Terminal’s bosses initial attempts to oppose a new cinema from going ahead from the start (Fort left reeling as cinema blocked, Evening News, March 1).

Fort Kinnaird retail park was in business years before Ocean Terminal, Fountain Park and the Omni Centre were even thought of.

So what gives them the right to think that they have grounds to contest any plans to reinstate a cinema at Fort Kinnaird?

The complex was built with a cinema to begin with so why shouldn’t they be allowed to rebuild and reopen?

Originally coming from East Lothian myself, I would personally choose a cinema at the Fort rather than traipsing down to somewhere like Leith.

The next available option would be the Omni, but I would not travel any further.

When you take into account there are towns and villages even further afield in East Lothian such as Dunbar, North Berwick and so on, they are much further from the city centre.

Having a cinema back at Fort Kinnaird is an ideal option for such people considering there is the nearby train stations such as Musselburgh and people can get a bus directly from there taking five minutes to arrive at the Fort Kinnaird complex.

R Glanville, Edinburgh

Coalition can’t be trusted with Mail

Plans to close my local Royal Mail delivery office at Strathearn Road (Evening News, March 5) prove that Westminster can’t be trusted with our postal services in Scotland.

I am sure this proposal is to do with the Tory/Lib Dem coalition plans to privatise the Royal Mail.

Given that the previous Labour government in London closed 7100 local post offices during its 13 years in office, it is no surprise that the Communication Workers Union has recently voted to play an active role in the Yes campaign for Scottish independence.

Fraser Grant, Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh

‘Bedroom tax’ stance clarified

In your story on the “bedroom tax” (Greens say no to bedroom tax evictions, Evening News, March 4), I write to clarify my position.

The motion agreed by our corporate policy and strategy committee agreed that we “share the concern about the introduction of the bedroom tax” and ask for a report on its implications for the city .

We need to ensure the best possible advice and support is given to the 4000 council tenants and many others who may be affected by this.

It is also important that our policy reflects the wider implications for Edinburgh.

In addition, we will now prioritise a work plan to address the urgent issue of bedroom tax and its implications.

This work will involve
representatives from Edinburgh Tenants Federation, Shelter and other experts in the field, to help shape our local policy on how best to deal with this benefit cut, imposed upon us by the Con-Dem government

The council works hard to try to keep people in their homes and evictions are only carried out as a last resort after all attempts to resolve any difficulties have failed.

Cammy Day, Labour councillor, vice convener, Health, Wellbeing & Housing