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It is interesting that Dr Robert W Liddell (Letters, 1 August) refers to John Cameron as a “professional Scotsman letter writer”.

John Cameron is, of course, not a retired medical practitioner, but was a scientist before entering the church ministry.

I have raised the question before of your contributors labelling themselves with degrees, etc, which have no relevance to the subject about which they write.

Mr Cameron appears to regard himself as an expert on everything; this is in contrast to that other inveterate correspondent, Alexander McKay, who is the original one-trick pony, and whose constant subject is Alex Salmond.

Of all the letters from Mr McKay, I have seen only two on another subject.

Is it not time that you spared your readers the letters from these two gentlemen, whose contributions I, for one, find rather boring?

I am not appending my professional qualifications.

Fraser Gillespie