Letter: Taking wind out of politicians’ sails

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PROFESSOR Anthony Trewavas raises the valid suggestion that energy generation should be removed from political control.

The unopposed political drive towards all-renewable supplies defies two essential factors regarding electricity supplies at both domestic and business level. Firstly, provision must be assured and, secondly, it must be as cheap as possible. Reliance on wind turbines satisfies neither criterion.

It is also a grotesque over-reaction: Scotland’s negligible input into supposed global warming should produce a globally proportionate response. An independent body would surely by now have considered the mass of evidence, apparently ignored by MSPs, of the sheer dishonesty of the case for man-made global warming. Gerald Warner (Insight, 11 March) lists many of these, including the appalling fact of deliberately omitting overwhelmingly the greatest “greenhouse gas” – water vapour – from calculations.

It defies belief that a government should deliberately impose hardship on individuals and business. Why is there no opposition? We allow politicians too much power: there should be a balancing outside agency to curtail excesses.

Robert Dow, Tranent