Letter: Salmond silence

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LAST August, the Gannet Alpha platform caused the worst oil leak in the North Sea for a decade.

The platform operator, Royal Dutch Shell, was slow to release information, was accused of misinformation and displayed a lack of regard for legitimate public concern.

For such a high profile incident, it was remarkable that it took around four days before any comment was made by the First Minister, Alex Salmond.

The situation at the Elgin platform shows many parallels, although it is potentially far more serious, with the potential for a massive explosion that could destroy the platform and lead to an environmental disaster.

The platform operator, Total, made the ridiculous assertion on Monday that all means of ignition had been removed, forgetting the rather large naked flame left behind.

As at day five of the situation, I cannot recall having heard one word from the First Minister about this serious situation that could have such a massive impact on the environment, energy supplies and the economy.

Could this be because he is publicity shy? I do not think so.

Could he be too busy entertaining millionaires to tea and Tunnocks at Bute House? Possibly.

Or could it be because he is habitually afraid of offending oil companies?

Alan Dickson

Rattray Grove