Letter: Quit your whining

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HAS it not occurred, even now to the people of Scotland, that we the English are sick to the back teeth with the constant whining and blaming of England for all and imagined grievances by the Scottish people?

England was the only country overlooked by devolution at the end of the 1990s and is still the only country in Europe that doesn’t have its own assembly or parliament and is the only country that doesn’t have a seat on the British and Irish Council.

If Alex Salmond really wanted Scottish independence, he would insist on England being included in a referendum on Scottish independence – the last opinion poll in England showed 70 per cent in favour of Scottish independence.

We, the vast majority of English, don’t want devo-max. We want the entire break-up of this Disunited Kingdom. I wonder who you would blame for your woes then.

Stuart Eels, Chippenham