Letter: No sympathy for Rangers’ plight

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DR JIM Hay (Debate, 26 February) is spot on when he says that Rangers’ problems can only be good for football in the rest of Scotland.

In this I’m sure he represents the viewpoint of the bulk of supporters of other Scottish teams, of whom I count myself one, who are fed up with the view, shared unfortunately by the majority of football “pundits”, that everything flows from and depends on the fortunes of the Old Firm.

They may be the best supported clubs, but they are also, by a long chalk, the most disliked and despised by fans of other clubs.

As to Rangers’ current problems, it is amusing to see the extent to which many in the media, who have fawned over the supposed expertise and general worthiness of Craig Whyte and David Murray before him, are now somewhat shamefacedly backtracking and agreeing that, yes, there are “questions to be asked about the custodianship of the club over the years”.

In this connection, it is disappointing to hear the First Minister’s plea for Rangers to be given time to solve their problems because they are an important institution. Why should they be accorded such leniency in a problem of their own making?

Mike Falchikov, Edinburgh