Letter: Galloway’s riches

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The triumphalist return of George Galloway to Westminster is a prime lesson in the old adage about style over substance.

Here is a man who portrays himself as some kind of champion of the poor and oppressed, all the while living a privileged lifestyle in a London home worth more than £1 million.

It is also noticeable that his socialist principles did not cause him to demur over the reduction in the 50p rate of tax for those earning in excess of £150,000 per year, and neither should he, given that his multiple careers in journalism and other media, earn him considerably more than this.

Sadly, with Mr Galloway’s return to parliament the much put-upon taxpayers must now add more than £67,000 per year to this (not forgetting expenses) – in return for what, exactly?

Brian Allan

Keith Street


Alloa, Clacks