Let football clubs deal with alcohol

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RE: “MURPHY: Allow drinking at football matches” (News, 21 December). I’m not a fan of Murphy but agree entirely. The problem stems from drinking before games, not at them.

Times have changed and there are so many security staff at matches (seemed about 1:1 at an August Raith Rovers friendly) that clubs are entitled to recoup some of their costs.

In my distant youth I recall trays of 24 cans of beer brought into grounds… and thrown individually. The easy answer is to continue the ban on fans taking drink into grounds, but make it available in a controlled environment.

Scott Brady, Fife

If Mr Murphy thinks that highlighting the social inequalities of drinking alcohol at sporting venues will bring former Labour voters back to the fold, is he not insulting their intelligence just a wee bit?

Perhaps he should first aim to address the social inequalities which keep many with empty pockets and mouths.

Jan MacFarlane, via email