Let down by MSPs

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I have been trying to help a very vulnerable man who had been let down by the professionals who were supposed to be providing care for him.

During this process I have, out of necessity, reached out to various MSPs, local councillors, MPs and other professional and charitable bodies.

While the MP and his 
parliamentary secretary were very willing to get involved and help this man, not one of 
the MSPs who I contacted even had the courtesy to acknowledge my request, let alone stand up and be counted or step in to help.

With the continuing debate over whether Scotland should become independent, surely these MSPs would want to show that they support their constituents, rather than just ignoring requests for assistance.

One MSP has been contacted several times over a period of several years, regarding several different issues affecting different people and communities in his constituency.

He has failed to get involved every time.

Why then, do the MSPs think that us Scots would prefer to be independent, when the only help we are getting is from our MPs in London?

Surely the MSPs, particularly the SNP ones, would want to demonstrate that they are keen to support their constituents, and that they are able to deal with difficult issues internally within Scotland, rather than 
relying on the London-based MPs to sort out the mess.

Hilary Bennett