‘Leftie thinking’ won’t solve problems

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Cat Boyd’s argument that Westminster “simply doesn’t work” is recycled political commentary from the 1970s (Perspective, 22 December).

Whoever Cat Boyd is, it is clear that she subscribes to trendy leftie thinking, if one can dignify it with any 
suggestion of cognitive ­functioning at all.

Ms Boyd describes the present government’s unenviable task of sorting out the last government’s financial meltdown as “social engineering designed to make ordinary people’s lives ever more precarious”.

Surely, it was social engineering enacted by the Labour government of Gordon Brown which did that most effectively, nearly bankrupting the country for which we are all now having to pay the cost.

She describes the divergence of views throughout the UK, which is being translated into increasing representation in parliament by single-issue parties as a “worsening crisis of legitimacy” and ­bemoans the death of any illusion of British “tolerance and multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism is an oxymoron.

Although I am no fan of a number of the more barmy political parties who now have MPs, surely this is proof positive that Westminster politics are healthier than they have ever been.

People who value pond life more than people can now vote for a party that agrees with them! I agree that the EU is an 
“undemocratic alliance”; the Tories say so too, so why is she not on-side with them?

Parties that promise the world and then cannot deliver (like Lib Dems, Greens and the SNP) will be transitory. That is the lesson of politics in 2015.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive


The mistake in the analysis of Cat Boyd is in thinking that only Westminster is affected by a kind of political malaise, (which does exist) which, seemingly, stops at the Border.

Most of Europe has problems with their systems; indeed, in economics, Westminster has done relatively well.

Holyrood is not performing very well either – we have a government we did not vote for; barely 50 per cent of the electorate bother to vote in Holyrood elections!

William Ballantine

Dean Road

Bo’ness, West Lothian