Leave decision on devolution until after referendum

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IT IS good for everyone that the SNP are prepared to take part in cross-party discussions after the result in September, whatever that might be, and useful for us all to hear them say that (“A day to come together”, Leader, 6 April).

However, there is another side to this coin. If they want to participate after a No vote, and have a part in the negotiation of a new devolved settlement, then they need to accept that we should not be trying to pin down that settlement in its entirety on this side of the vote.

If they subsequently tried to get involved in a settlement that was already agreed, then that would look like a stitch-up and that would create resentment afterwards.

So, this side of 18 September, let each of the parties in Scotland outline their preferred constitutional position after a No vote, but discuss the matter at hand first: should Scotland be an independent country?

The lack of an agreed post-No settlement should not be used as a stick to beat others with. That settlement should be agreed between all parties and civic Scotland afterwards, and the centre of gravity, especially with the SNP on board, is then likely to be considerably more radical than the Labour Party proposals a few weeks ago. This is probably where most people want to be.

Tina Ng-A-Mann, Perth