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Val Corry’s take on the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) painted a very rosy picture of the philosophy behind it (Perspective, 21 November). I wish I could share her optimism and confidence. I do worry, however, that some of her assertions about the “visionary” nature of this curriculum are ignoring the reality of the situation in schools and failing to consider the practical difficulties involved.

Ms Corry twice mentions “tailoring” the curriculum to the needs of every child – a tall order, surely. She seems convinced that staff and parents can become involved in “shared planning”. Where do they find the time?

She may demean the idea of a set of qualifications but that is what universities and employees want.

As to assessment, teachers are still guessing what “developing”, “consolidating” and “secure” ­actually mean, particularly as no indication of the format of ­future exams has been given.

I agree that mastering literacy and numeracy is vital, but cannot see CfE addressing this ­properly.

Finally, if we get caught up in experiences and outcomes, we may forget actually to educate the children.


Strathalmond Green