Leap in the dark

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Nicola Sturgeon’s sincere but unconvincing public plea for unity in a post-independent Scotland (your report, 3 December) had about it an air of desperation. She clearly recognises the unlikelihood of bringing about a sudden enthusiasm for secession among a disparate and vocal opposition, and for the most obvious of reasons.

Whatever its apparent virtues, this is not the time for such a massive leap in the dark. The whole of the northern hemisphere is in turmoil, politically, economically and militarily.

Three great European nations are on the brink of financial collapse. Two, basically religious, wars are nearing disaster point with the imminent withdrawal of Western influence in Afghanistan and the threat of a chemical, possibly nuclear, escalation in the Middle East automatically bringing in America.

These things are real. They are happening now. Is this the time to force a conclusion to a 300-year-old constitutional spat in a tiny corner of the North 
Atlantic archipelago?

Peter Laidlaw

Bramdean Rise