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Like many, I celebrated when the US elected its first African-American president. The recent riots in Ferguson testify that his election has not resulted in more racial harmony.

Similarly, in Scotland we now have our first female First Minister with Nicola Sturgeon.

Will this result in more gender equality in Scotland? Only time will tell.

I am hopeful with the proposed legislation regarding spousal abuse. However, I am reminded of Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to act in the case of former SNP MSP Bill Walker.

She failed to act on information regarding his spousal abuse prior to him becoming an SNP MSP. She subsequently cleared all members of her office of any wrongdoing either.

In failing to act against Bill Walker at an earlier opportunity she failed to set an example herself that in Scotland spousal abuse will not be tolerated. Deeds speak louder than words.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street