Labour values

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Bill McDonald (Letters, 28 May) says that the Labour Party retain their soul, purpose and role. Along with all the voters who voted to remove 40 of their 41 seats from their control in the general election, I beg to differ.

However, I’m comforted to learn from Mr MacDonald that Labour have recognised there is work to be done if they are to make progress back towards their historical values of justice, equality and individual fulfilment.

I wish them well in this quest. How these laudable aims could ever have been achieved with Labour agreeing to implement £12.5 billion in welfare cuts set out in George Osborne’s last Budget is beyond me. However, now that Ed Balls and Jim Murphy have gone, can we hope that the Scottish Labour Party will develop a spine and resist calls to once more move to the right in a chase to capture the “aspirational” vote, as advocated by the New Labour diehards

Douglas Turner

Derby Street