Labour’s shame in left’s independence fight

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ANDREW Wilson’s piece on the campaign for Scottish independence (Insight, 26 September) misses the vital point that, throughout history, large sections of the left in Scotland, and in particular the Labour movement, wanted full restoration of Scotland’s lost parliament on a democratic basis.

An independent Scottish Parliament was a key policy of the Scottish Chartist movement. Likewise, the Independent Labour Party (the ILP) throughout its existence in the 1920s and 1930s wanted Scotland to have Dominion status like Canada or Australia.

Alas these forward-thinking, progressive, left-wing independistas were choked off by controlling London Labour, and now by Labour in Scotland. This is Labour’s shame.

But fortunately the present independence campaign is backed not just by broad swathes of the left, such as 
the Greens and the Scottish Socialists, as well as the SNP, but also on the evidence of public opinion polls in increasing numbers by the ordinary people of Scotland who have most to gain by a Yes vote and see this as a vote for the future.

Keir Hardie and Jimmy Reid would approve, for this is progressive politics for a modern Scotland.

Randolph Murray, Rannoch