Labour hypocrisy

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Members of the Labour Party seem to have gone into overdrive regarding MP Nadine Dorries’ decision to join ITV’s I’m a Celebrity.

However, before they criticise her, they should ­perhaps compare her record with that of one of their own prominent MPs.

In 2012 Ms Dorries has spoken in 30 debates, asked 60 written questions and voted in 71 per cent of Commons’ votes.

Mr Gordon Brown MP has in 2012, ­according to parliamentary data, spoken in one debate, asked eight written questions (despite having a serious radiation problem in his constituency) and voted in 14 per cent of the votes. Whose constituents are getting the better service?

Also, it is rumoured that 
Ms Dorries is going to get £40,000 for spending time in Australia, while Mr Brown, according to parliamentary sources, is alleged to have received more than £1.4 million for lectures and so on.

Is spending so much time on the lecture circuit really of ­advantage to his constituents?

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross