Labour ‘betrayal’

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I note two intersecting and revealing items on the leaflet by the reputed “Scottish Labour Party”, delivered to my home.

First, the appearance of the English rose between the words “Scottish” and “Labour” in the exhortation: “Vote Scottish 

The rose is a very honourable symbol of England. Is this a Freudian slip by members of the “Scottish” Labour Party; a 
reminder that the “Scottish 
Labour Party” plays a minor role in the London-dominated 
national UK Labour Party?

Second, the leaflet was printed in England. Why wasn’t it printed by a Scottish company? In legal terms there is no such a political party as “The Scottish Labour Party”; merely a regional section of the national UK Labour Party.

In 1979, by the obscene, traitorous 40 per cent device, the Labour Party denied the Scottish people of a means of fighting the forthcoming horrors of the Thatcher era.

Until then I had been a life-long Labour voter. Since that betrayal I have not voted Labour; I do not believe I am unique in this regard. As long as the so-called Scottish Labour Party owes its first allegiance to its 
UK masters south of the Border the Scottish people will withhold its electoral approval. And rightly so.

Robert M Dunn

Oxcars Court