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The Rev David Robertson is right to point out the dangers of an entirely secular constitution in Scotland (Friends of the Scotsman, 5 June). The Church of 
Scotland recently conducted a country-wide consultation on what a future Scotland might look like. Overwhelmingly, participants prioritised the building of local communities on the principles of fairness, justice and sharing of resources.

There was also a strong wish that the Church should be actively involved in social action and in promoting Christian values such as love, hope, respect and forgiveness. These are the fundamental building blocks of the common good and churches in Scotland are ideally placed to continue to speak truth unto power in order to protect the vulnerable in our society.

But it is a little mischievous of Mr Robertson, a Free Church minister, to have a pop in the bygoing at the Church of Scotland. Our membership fell last year by 3 per cent, but remains at 398,000 – hardly insignificant. The 2011 census results show that 1.7 million people identified in some way or other with the Church of Scotland and we retain a presence in every parish in Scotland. As a national church (not, please note, “the” national church) we remain committed to working with our fellow Christians whatever the future brings for Scotland.

Pauline Weibye

Secretary to the Council of Assembly
Church of Scotland