Kirk avoids biggest issues affecting Scotland’s future

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DR IAN Bradley’s article on the so-called “neutrality” of the Church of Scotland in the referendum debate (“Kirk has strength to heal country split by referendum”, 13 April) makes some very odd points.

Dr Bradley tells us that the Church of Scotland “has made a significant start, by reminding Scots that there are bigger and more important issues than gaining independence or breaking up the UK”. Then he lists approvingly these issues as improving local democracy, fairer access to the criminal justice system and a properly functioning welfare state.

What about things that really need to be changed? What about the obscenity of nuclear weapons, the cost of them, the potential destruction, the siting of them near Scotland’s biggest city – and the Church of Scotland’s long-standing opposition to these?

Not a word.

Then what about democracy itself, which is what the Reformation stood for? Scotland at present has only a subsidiary parliament, a creature of Westminster, which can be abolished by them at any time. Do neither Dr Bradley nor the Church of Scotland want full democracy to be restored to the Scottish Parliament?

Finally, to spare us from the stresses of an electoral process, Dr Bradley wants to wheel in the monarchy. It is well known that Dr Bradley regards the monarchy as a form of priesthood. This is an old-fashioned view with little modern currency. It does not sit well with the spirit of the Reformation. But then neither does the Church of Scotland, with its present attitude to independence.

Marilyn Murray, Rannoch