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How sad that future generations will look back on this year’s referendum as such an ill-natured period in our history (Bill Jamieson, Perspective, 2 April).

What a contrast to the 1997 referendum campaigns, when civic society played such a major role. Scotland emerged as a dignified, secure nation, which gained the powers it sought for its education and health services in our own parliament.

We also obtained a tax-varying power, within a 3 per cent range up or down, which, sadly, the SNP handed back.

More powers will now come via the Scotland Act. We can also keep the manifold benefits of being part of the United Kingdom.

I know how I’ll vote, but, whatever the result, I want to live in a civilised place where debate can be robust, but there is respect for others’ views, and where good manners really matter.

Moyra Forrest

Starbank Road