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I agree entirely with Linda Holt’s despair (Letters, 22 November) at the lack of protection for the environment from wind farms by bodies set up for the purpose over the last seven years. The John Muir Trust is the only one which has done its job.

In 2006, RSPB, SNH and Historic Scotland objected to the Auchencorth wind farm application. Then the pressure started. The RSPB were the first to withdraw their objection, which had specified danger to birds, especially migrating pink-footed geese and damage to a rare lowland peat bog.

SNH maintained its objection on landscape but removed it on birds. Historic Scotland also withdrew its objection to Auchencorth.

After five years the Auchencorth application was defeated at public inquiry thanks to hard work and expense from Midlothian Council and Penicuik Environment Protection Association.

The National Trust for Scotland has care for land on the Pentland Hills but has refused to object to a wind farm in the Midlothian basin at Mount Lothian with nine turbines 102m high breaking the landscape of this area between the Pentland and Moorfoot Hills.

At different times four Government Reporters have said this area should be protected and yet the National Trust for Scotland stays silent.

My husband and I have, reluctantly, cancelled our subscriptions to all three bodies. The John Muir Trust has enjoyed our full support.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road

Penicuik, Midlothian