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I WOULD need several pages to provide a comprehensive response to Joe Darby (Letters, 
14 June) regarding employment opportunities offered by an independent Scotland. However, I put the case for some of the most obvious areas.

Much of Westminster government is currently centred in London. So, clearly, taking responsibility for those sectors of government that we don’t presently manage would require the creation of new Scottish Government departments, such as defence, with employees across a range of skill-sets. There would also be more work in Scotland for those companies that provide products and services to government and ancillary entities.

With government policies focused on maximising the benefits derived from the skills and merits of our people and resources, one does not require a degree in economics to work out that many further jobs would follow as offices expand and new facilities are created.

Of course, to fully exploit the many opportunities offered by an independent Scotland, we would not only need to do a better job of retaining the talent fostered in Scottish schools and workplaces; it would be helpful also if we could persuade more of those talented people who come from other countries to study here to stay here. This is a goal that we are more likely to achieve with suitable immigration and other pertinent policies controlled from Holyrood instead of Westminster.

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian