Job fears after Hall’s firm pulls 
out of UK

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Other countries protect
their industries – we just sell ours off.

- Jams

Another rousing success
story for Scottish industry.

- Lachie Mhor

If every time a Scottish
company is swallowed up by a foreign multi-national it is a “vote of confidence” in the 
Scottish economy, what does that tell us when they sell up and ship out?

- Oldone

I don’t think that Vion ever 
had any intention of saving Hall’s.

- Old Jim

It isn’t only Vion closing
processing plants; Greencor Uniq is also in a process or “rationalising” its production facilities with closures across the UK. It clearly is a case of excess production capacity or being uncompetitive. Processed foods are generally less healthy than fresh foods so market forces will increasingly move against this source of ready meals and desserts.

- Rider000

This is not a government
problem but a company governance problem. I have no doubt Vion’s directors will still be working out their double-digit bonuses.

- Samsafe

If Scotland was a compet-
itive place to do business then plenty of companies would come here. That will never ­happen under Alex Salmond. This is terrible news and 
I sympathise with anyone 
who is likely to lose their jobs. 
I hope they get something sorted out.

- Pilton Hilton

At least if all Vion’s plants
are up for sale or closure there isn’t a Scottish angle any more and this becomes a national issue. Unhappy staff can cause disruption.

- Russell Mitchell